Lauren Breau, Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Lewiston-native and Bowdoin-alum Lauren Breau is the founder and Executive Director of L/A Community Acupuncture. In 2009, she received a four-year Master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM) from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and has been pokin' folks and prescribing herbs ever since!   

Lauren has given more than 15,000 acupuncture treatments over the past five years at Portland's very loved and very busy Wildwood Community Acupuncture, which she helped open in 2012. (If you're closer to Portland than Lewiston/Auburn, she encourages you to look them up!)

Lauren is a firm believer in the healing power that results from combining the science of medicine with the art of healing. She is constantly (obsessively) pursuing more knowledge in the subjects of acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbalism, functional medicine, and conventional biomedicine. She also believes that the practice of (good) medicine involves acknowledging inequity, fighting for health justice, and increasing access to care. 

Lauren is truly honored to be back in her home town, poking away, happy to share this profoundly helpful medicine with the people of Lewiston/Auburn.


L/A Community Acupuncture Board members:

Anne Brown, MD, FACP - A soft-spoken powerhouse and advocate of health justice, Dr. Brown has an impressive history of bringing good medicine to the people of Lewiston/Auburn.  Dr. Brown is an integrative medicine specialist, board certified internist, director of integrative medicine at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, and clinical instructor at Tufts School of Medicine. She also has a thriving consult practice in integrative medicine at St. Mary’s Integrative Medicine and Weight Management in Lewiston, Maine, with a focus on Mind Body Medicine. 

Amanda Comeau - Born and raised in Lewiston, Amanda is a roller derby queen, busy mom, all-around handywoman, refined debater, and great dancer. She has 12 years of experience in social work, including 5 years as program supervisor at Saint Andre Home. Amanda also serves on the board of DFD Russell Medical Centers and Androscoggin Fallen Angels Roller Derby League. 

Daniel Katz, PT, MSOM, LAc  - Modern renaissance man. Busy dad and husband. Founder and co-owner (with wife, Sasha Rose, N.D., LAc) of Wildwood Medicine and Wildwood Community Acupuncture in Portland, Maine. An all-around great dude, as well as an extraordinary practitioner and magician with Chinese herbs.

Shaad Masood, R.N. -  Nurse in the Emergency Department at Central Maine Medical Center and President of Raise-Op Housing Cooperative. Defining traits include his killer smile, ability to fix most things that break, and gigantic heart. A dedicated dad, partner, and activist. Occasional comedian and artisanal tinfoil hat-maker.